Rev. Todd Brunworth (Intention Interim Pastor)

The Rev. Todd Brunworth has been a pastor for 42 years, at times serving multiple churches. “I received my call from the Lord early on while attending a kindergarten- through eighth-grade Lutheran school,” Brunworth said. “Seems like I always wanted to be a pastor.”
Brunworth and his wife, Rhonda, have been married 47 years. They met while in college and enjoy singing in the choir. Together they have raised four children.Three of their four children live in Southern Michigan, while the fourth lives in Southern Indiana. His wife’s family lives in Texas.”Most of our vacations involve visiting family,” Brunworth said.
He is content in his calling. “You have to know what you are doing is the Lord’s will (to be a pastor),” he said. “And you need to be consistent in the Lord’s will yourself because you are helping others grow in Christ.”

Excerpted from The Petoskey News, Pastor’s life is full  By Kurt J. Kolka (989) 732-1111   May 5, 2014


Rev. George Hamilton (Emeritus Pastor)

Pastor George Photo

George holds a Master of Divinity and has been in pastoral ministry since 1986 following a 15 year business career that included serving as Corporate Counsel and later VP of Finance and Administration.

He says his closest friend and strongest advisor is his wife Mary Ann. They married in 1964 and have 4 adult children plus 8 grandchildren.

He continues to enjoy preaching and teaching and is fascinated to discover why we humans believe what we believe and think what we think. Often the keys to answering those questions are rooted in our individual and collective history. He believes that studying history gives great insight into what will happen next. 

Rev. John Panning  (Emeritus Pastor)Pastor Panning Photo2

John has served in the LCMS ministry for 63 years and was a pilot for the Lutheran Association of Missionary Pilots (LAMP) serving Saskatchewan, Canada and Nome, Alaska.

John is a Minnesotan by birth and married Helen (Lueth) of Minneapolis. 

Following retirement, John also served in Eastern Russia, Jamaica, and West Indies assisting start-up Lutheran churches. He has been with the Civil Air Patrol for 25 years as a Chaplain and holds the rank of Lt. Colonel.